Wednesday, 11 December 2013

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Want to rank on Google Search engine?

You are looking for SEO Services, and then let me tell you that it requires constant monitoring of spam factor of Google’s new updates. One has not to care about it, if you are not spamming. As working in SEO Company in Mumbai city, I find it challenging to rank on organic ranking. 

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Let me give you a case study of a “real estate” client. He asked me about how to get AD Subscription, which is not happening and all his reviews are detected as spam. When I asked him, how can the reviews be spam? And who posted it?

He simply said he and other of his associates did it assuming that, that will get his website high rank on Google map places. I was surprised on asked him as to why did he not investigate the entire process before doing it? To which he replied, that other SEO expert suggested so.

So this case was a completely damage to website. You should understand reviews is a natural process, in which user sharing his experience in a positive way, so as to improve services if required and recommend if the product and services are exceptionally good.

Important question
Why does Google rank for the searched key word?
It looks for how are people associating with the targeted url? I mean, linking to your website with what notion?
Notion: text while linking? Is that natural or spam?


  1. Yes, I also found many fake self centered reviews, but Google has made technical changes, to what extent I don’t know, but spam is detected and takes you towards ban.

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