Wednesday 1 July 2015

Reviews Web Designing Company in Mumbai & Feed back

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This blog aims to bring our survey with all business and organizational heads about their experience while dealing with web designing company in Mumbai and also client reviews. All efforts are made to help users with right suggestions on their web designing needs. You can contact for any information on web designing company in Mumbai that are giving better service and support.

We had a bitter experience with a free lancer web designer.

How it Started? / Hope This Should Not Be Anyone’s Story.

I was searching for web designing service provider and came across this designer, who completely spoiled my game. I called after searching on net 5 web designing company in Mumbai and found some quoting very high like Rs1,50,000/- some quoting Rs75,000/-. I felt it was going out of my budget and should cancel my plan. Finally I discussed with my wife and she came across a web designer on a 3rd party online advertisement company. We had diced to try this last option. He was a young boy may be just 19 or 20 years old, I mean very young. On meeting at our house, we asked what can be minimum investment for an e-commerce application. He said Rs15, 000/- only. We asked about his previous work, he showed us one, which looked good enough to build his credibility. We got exited and felt very satisfied for his marketing ability to convince us for such low cost project work.
We asked him, why do you charge so low? In comparison to our reputed companies.
He said, they have lots of establishment cost and thus cost of working per hour is very high. He on other hand works from home and would give us source file on completion.

Now I m explaining you my bitter experience with him
We paid Rs 15000/- advance, and he started working on our project. Took all puts like logo and our referred sites. He sent us the designs and we asked for corrections as per our tats,

Here was the beginning of problem
When I checked this design on different monitors and browsers the alignment of banner and below followed page was moving to left or sometimes right side. He said this would be corrected on finally uploading and took approval on image version of it. When after 1 week he showed us administrative console on his lap top. When we asked to see it online, he said it can be made online on uploading it our web server on our domain on receipt of full payment, which we did. He uploaded the design and mailed us the web admin details.
After one month we got our entire product ready to upload on site. While uploading we started getting problem as the images and product description were not uploading and error page was in display above web page. When we called him for the error that we identified, he said that he has got a job at Bangalore city and doesn't have time for it. He blamed us saying that he handed over correct program and he would not be in a position to further support of web application in any way. We thought to consult other web developers who refused to support us, saying that getting into coding of other web programmer would be more time consuming then doing it from scratch. One of the company said these designs are available free on net.
But I lost Rs25, 000/-as no one was ready to support me. Had I not taken this decision of going with this offer, at least I might have not lost my hard earned. Finally the web application was zero use to me. Had I gone with some company, at least I would have got assured support from them.          

Mr.Ganesh kholi – Bandra, Mumbai
Real Estate Consultant

While this is a very bitter experience, our blog on seo company in Mumbai, is seriously detecting the wrong process that is falsely educated to business and web owner about ranking ways.   
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Thursday 5 February 2015

How is Google Search Results going to show twitter results?

Although the search results are going to come up with latest twits as seen on Google’s blog, but the way they will appear seems to be interesting thought. Presently the doubt arising out is how is Google going to put it in regular structure, which certainly they will not disturb.
So how are they going to align with present pattern of search results?
They cannot give the url of twitter as this is very dynamic, the information changes very fast, depending on fresh twits. Certainly Google will not show them for temporary purpose, like news. Or it might that way come as temporary results for some time, that also depending on certain factors.
In Question:
Are there any chances that Seo Company can plan some way to build a strategy?

This blog post by webaxis web design firm Mumbai , welcomes bloggers to post their valuable prediction. 

Sunday 1 February 2015

How Does Online Product Reviews Help?

Today we see many online review sites which deliver the review about the products. Where it is turning out the most demanding business online where people trying to make cash of it by building a website for the reviews. There reviews corners are especially dedicated for reviews up on choosing the industry. There were many categories where we bale to find review site on line these. As this demand is because of many users today we find on online so obviously people will be trying to get information about the products before they go for reviews online.

Definitely there we find many website reviews submit their reviews an s per their experience on reviewing a product and people who loves the read and review then would definitely following the some blog or website for future reference and also they will be suggesting others to get reviews from the same website which is genuine for getting reviews. Online products reviews are helpful in getting the things done safely because we may get hit with the wrong one because there we find many products which are not good and we may find the wrong so people obviously prefer product reviews in order to get awareness about the product.

Online reviews are not only helpful for new user but also they are helpful for the online product sellers in improving their services. As customers are good judges they will be spotting their own views about the products online which are helpful eventually to online business people and also new users. Online product reviews have great impact on business profiles has reviews are followed to be somewhat mixed not always we may get positive and also we get negative reviews about products. These negative reviews help to improve but have to interact with the review poster and he was looking for and what he is not able to find in the products. In this way a review website is useful.

When we able to see any kind of negative reviews on the board then have to resolve then by interacting with the reviewer because there is something which is wrong with our product so go ahead to fix it soon to get done.

Friday 4 July 2014

Merits and demerits with 3rd party online advertisement company

Well this is possible only by subscribing, which requires some investments. So better take a sample AD subscription with higher rate of investment per visibility. It means your visibility and leads that you generate while being there will be the key factor for determining the ROI
Every business doesn't have season but many have, so that factor also is important in identifying the ratio of conversion to investment done. There is, in Mumbai SEO Service Company that does in depth research on what could be, on a longer run, better ROI.     

So 3rd party advertiser is not in a position satisfy all category, if it has. On the other hand there are 3rd party AD companies which promote single category business area, like real estate or auto mobile or something else. They are successful brands for classified AD in their category for sure. Here you may get better ROI, but there is problem, many times of over AD subscription sales, that means, company takes more AD proportional to the business leads that they tend to get. This area seems to be unseen by many web portals running AD Subscription business. There is a market threshold is any segment of buyers and over sales planning of any service would definitely result in imbalance of business and would affect all buyer and seller.

In every area there is limitation in requirement which needs to be understood very well before getting into it. But in many business categories you will find, due to unskilled or over skilled number, the business opportunity to enhance requirements leads to such imbalance. Though this does seems to be temporary, but who knows what would be the period of this temporary environment is. Many times by the time one collapses, other start budding, which is what is happening in logistics area.     

Wednesday 30 April 2014

How To Rank Top on Google Search Page

Questions Like

1.     How to rank high on Google search engine ?
2.     How to rank on page 1 of Google ?
3.     How to rank high Google?
4.     How to rank my website no:1 on Google?

Ranking on Google SE, is very easy, as against the myth of difficulties. On needs to understand that virtually you speak to your targeted user through, articles, blog, forum, reviews, blog commenting, social media, advice. All that people look for you are there to write on. Internet provides virtual platform for users, which is just a prototype to direct interaction.
One should never ever think, that he is writing for this audience or for internet. If this basic is clear, and he has ability to create fresh content, not to say the number of such content pages, can really bring you on to top of Search engine’s page rank.
Other way, not depending on High PR sites, as complete strategy, one has to develop his own Blogs with free tools and target one area per blog. So create more blogs and socialize. Your ability will be proved by users loving or disliking your content.

Keeping these fundamentals in mind you will also rank and no need to worry about penalizing of effected by Google’s spam control updates.  

Wednesday 11 December 2013

SEO Company in Mumbai

Want to rank on Google Search engine?

You are looking for SEO Services, and then let me tell you that it requires constant monitoring of spam factor of Google’s new updates. One has not to care about it, if you are not spamming. As working in SEO Company in Mumbai city, I find it challenging to rank on organic ranking. 

Seo company WebAxis offers top ranking plans for generating better sales and hot leads.  

Let me give you a case study of a “real estate” client. He asked me about how to get AD Subscription, which is not happening and all his reviews are detected as spam. When I asked him, how can the reviews be spam? And who posted it?

He simply said he and other of his associates did it assuming that, that will get his website high rank on Google map places. I was surprised on asked him as to why did he not investigate the entire process before doing it? To which he replied, that other SEO expert suggested so.

So this case was a completely damage to website. You should understand reviews is a natural process, in which user sharing his experience in a positive way, so as to improve services if required and recommend if the product and services are exceptionally good.

Important question
Why does Google rank for the searched key word?
It looks for how are people associating with the targeted url? I mean, linking to your website with what notion?
Notion: text while linking? Is that natural or spam?